Some gemstones are particularly hard to find. That makes them even more precious. Let us bring them to you.

Matching your exact needs

That is our speciality. Whatever your requirements, whatever your deadline, whatever the quantity, carat weight, cut, colour or clarity… As a leading diamond wholesale company we have the expertise to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Eurostar Diamond wholesale offers you a range of quality diamonds in both select or volume quantities along with a custom-calibrated precision production line:

  • Size 1.0 – 4.00 mm, accurate to a tolerance level of 0.05 mm
  • Colour 0.01 carat – larger exceptionals
  • Clarity IF – I3
  • Cut any cut, including fancies such as princess, emeralds, asschers and ideal cut Hearts & Arrows (from 0.2 carat)

Exclusive patented shapes

Our portfolio covers the full spectrum including Eurostar Diamond’s highly coveted signature ideal cut Hearts & Arrows and other exclusive, patented shapes. Eurostar Diamond offers a wide range of polished diamond services, including superior bagging and fluting.



Eurostar Diamond's Hearts & Arrows

Blue Flame

Blue Flame, a 89-facet diamond


It is essential to optimize the proportion of a diamond’s angles and the symmetry of its edges to enable the full release of light. The Blue Flame cut diamond is such a shape. Although it requires longer cutting, according to a more complicated method and with greater depletion, it manifests a more magnificent fire compared with traditional diamonds.


Eurostar Diamond Traders is one of the leading distributors of the Forevermark™ diamond worldwide. Selected only from directly supplied (De Beers, BHP diamond suppliers) rough diamonds, every Forevermark™ diamond from Eurostar has been cut and polished to exceed industry benchmarks.

Customised diamonds

Diamonds made the way you want them.

At your request, we develop customised, bespoke diamonds in collaboration with our own in-house development team. Your diamonds may even be microscopically laser-inscribed with your choice of message or logo.


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