89-facet Blue Flame Diamond receives “Innovative Design Award” from HRD Antwerp

The 89-facet Blue Flame Diamond Cut received an “Innovative Design Award” from HRD Antwerp.

Antwerp, February 25, 2013 - Hosted by Ms. Cathy Berx, Governor of the Province of Antwerp, the ceremony was attended by Mr. Van Campenhout, Vice Mayor of Antwerp, selected Aldermans and VIP guests from Eurostar and Tesiro.   

The Blue Flame was launched in 2008 by its creator Eurostar Diamond Traders and is distributed by Tesiro, a joint venture of Eurostar and the Chinese Tongling Group that operate more than 150 shops in China.     

The Blue Flame diamond cut was designed by Eurostar. The city’s centuries-long tradition of craftsmanship and the “Cut in Antwerp” label command worldwide respect. Every Blue Flame cut diamond is accompanied by a diamond grading report issued by HRD Antwerp. “We recognise the innovative design and applaud the efforts of Tesiro and Eurostar, who made this Blue Flame Cut a tremendous success.” said Georges Brys, HRD Antwerp’s General Manager.

From left to right: Mr. Georges Brys - General Manager HRD Antwerp | Mr. Kaushik K. Mehta - CEO Eurostar Diamond Traders | Mr. Richard Shen Dongjun - CEO Tesiro | Mrs. Cathy Berx - Governor of the province of Antwerp.