Eurostar creates landmark diamond as China tribute

Can a rare and precious stone symbolize the perfection of a relationship?

Eurostar Diamond Traders, world's leading manufacturer of fine quality diamonds, has created just such a tribute – to mark 10 years of outstanding partnership in China.

This spectacular gem, dubbed “The Eurostar Tribute”, is one of a kind and its vital statistics make it even more meaningful.

Weighing 18.88 carats, it has unique significance in Chinese culture where the special number “888” symbolises a prosperous future.

Its Exceptional White colour classes it as E, also E for Eurostar, a pioneer in the Chinese diamond industry and committed to growth in China. Its IF grading not only confirms that it is Internally Flawless, but also reflects the flawless relationship between Eurostar and its Chinese counterparts.

As the company’s chairman, Kaushik K. Mehta, explains: “Our experience in China has truly been remarkable. We have witnessed first-hand an economic miracle and have grown alongside it. We owe a large part of our success to the Country and People of China.”

This remarkable piece marks a historic moment in Eurostar’s history, and symbolises a promise made to China and its people - that Eurostar stands by you for the long run.

To embody the values an integrity of Eurostar, the company has asked Forevermark, a member of the De Beers Group and world's leading authority in certification and pipeline integrity, to certify and inscribe the stone.