Our 5000 master diamond artisan experts, gemmologists and other professionals work passionately to meet and exceed your expectations. An international expertise enriched with local know-how. 

People making the difference

Eurostar Diamond is a global company with a strong local focus.

We take pride in our connection to the local communities where our people work and always operate within a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Our employees enjoy a wide range of benefits including comprehensive training. Our state-of-the-art facilities in China and Botswana uphold high standards when it comes to fair labour conditions and are an important source of employment to local communities.

See how our specialists, cutting-edge technology and passion for perfection transform a rough diamond into a Eurostar Diamond.



Diamond engineers

When it comes to blueprinting larger gemstones, our dedicated team of diamond engineers analyses how to achieve maximum value from every rough diamond that goes into production. 

Around 5000 master artisans on every corner of the globe work with dedication to fulfil all your needs. Every diamond is hand-cut and hand-polished by one of them. As a result, we are the recognised expert in cutting and polishing all sizes of diamonds from stars (0.01ct) to the largest and rarest stones. 


Our gemmologists use the most sophisticated testing equipment such as a refractometer, spectroscope and microscope to identify and analyse all kinds of gemstones. They evaluate precious stones with confidence and prepare special identification and appraisal reports.

They have been trained at either the GIA or the HRD, amongst the world’s most prestigious gemmological societies.

Expert research and development 

Our own research and development department continues the never-ending search for new methods and new possibilities, experimenting with new ways to captivate the imagination with original shapes and techniques.

Even our tools and production equipment are developed by our own specialists, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of quality, uniformity and value for money. 

Our partners

Our close relationship and longstanding partnerships with key mining companies enables us to source and distribute both volume and variety of high-quality, natural and untreated diamonds at the most competitive prices.

Our suppliers

Eurostar Diamond is a certified Diamond Trading Company Sightholder.

DTC is the rough diamond sales and distribution arm of the De Beers Family of Companies, the number one diamond mining and trading company. The DTC sorts, values and sells approximately 75% of the world’s rough diamonds by value.